John Mitchell Fine Paintings is an independent family business established in 1931. Now in its third generation it is run by James Mitchell and William Mitchell. The gallery is located on the first floor of 17 Avery Row just off New Bond Street in London and visitors are welcome throughout the week. James and William Mitchell specialise in buying and selling European and British paintings and drawings from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, especially those from private collections. John Mitchell also act as agents for vendors and advise on all aspects of picture collecting, in particular framing, conservation and valuations.

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Gallery Notes, Summer 2017

Our summer catalogue is now available to download from our website here. Our selection this summer covers four centuries, with Dutch and Flemish artists accounting for the 17th century, a moving Penitent Magdalene by the Haarlem Classicist Pieter de Grebber, and a recently rediscovered flower piece by Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer. The 18th century is dominated by English artists using several different mediums, granting us a broad view of the diverse achievements of the ‘Golden Age’ of British Art. The earliest are an exceptional ‘bodycolour’ of Eton College by Paul Sandby, and two beautifully fresh marine watercolours from his pupil’s brother Robert Cleveley. By John Russell we have a pastel portrait of the five year old Lady Henrietta Cavendish, a picture whose charm is only surpassed by its miraculous condition. The Falls at Tivoli by Julius Caesar Ibbetson gives us a glimpse into the ‘Grand Tour’ aspirations of the age. Ibbetson will be the focus of a special exhibition at our gallery in December to mark the bicentenary of his death. The Italian campagna continues to stir the imagination in Jean-Victor Bertin’s neoclassical landscape, a never-before-seen work that has lain dormant in a private French collection until today. The Swiss romanticist Johann Jakob Frey makes his Gallery Notes debut with a lively oil sketch of that most romantic of motifs, a lightning-struck oak tree. The work of Alfred Stevens and Antoine Guillemet require little introduction, given our regular association with their work, and this year’s offering by both artists continues to prove their consistent quality. And more recently, Jean Dufy’s distinctive École de Paris style brings a blast of 20th century colour and eccentricity to this year’s selection.