We are pleased to have now moved into our new premises on the 1st floor of 17 Avery Row, Brook Street, London W1K 4BF.  

Latest News

  • Spreading Canvas - Eighteenth-Century Marine Painting

    For more than seventy years John Mitchell Fine Paintings has been buying
    and selling marine paintings from the seventeenth, eighteenth and early
    nineteenth centuries, both by the Dutch pioneers of the subject and their many
    successors in England . In the wake of the influential Van de Velde studio
    in London at the end of the seventeenth century,there arose a native tradition of
    sea-painting whose rise in stature and quality was commensurate with that of
    Britain’s maritime power. Artists such as Monamy,Scott, Brooking, Serres and
    Cleveley were once very familiar to collectors, and their work continues to
    find favour with us. We are pleased therefore to draw attention to what looks
    like a magnificent survey of the subject currently being held at the Yale
    Center for British Art in new Haven, Connecticut (ends on 4th December)
    and which includes paintings bought by Paul Mellon from John Mitchell in the 1960s.
    A photo of the lavish accompanying catalogue is shown here.

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