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  • Durand-Ruel at the National Gallery

    The National Gallery’s fantastic new exhibition on the legendary art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel (1831-1922) opened this month. The show gives a fantastic insight into this key figure whose discovery and support of the Impressionists fostered the movement loved today. The BBC’s promotional video (see here) gives us a teasing sneak-peak of some of the fabulous works on view, including a series of Monet’s famous poplars painted in the summer of 1891. Christopher Riopelle, curator of 19th century paintings, discusses Durand-Ruel’s discovery of Manet after a visit to Alfred Stevens’ Paris studio. Manet’s influence on Stevens is undeniable, and is perfectly illustrated in the loose brushwork of our Girl in a Kimono, see here.

    Inventing Impressionism:

     4th March - 31st May 2015 

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