Nicolas-Antoine Taunay ( 1755 - 1830 )

Landscapes in the Ile-de-France

Landscapes in the Ile-de-France

A Pair,
oil on unlined canvas,
with fine antique Louis XVI frames

Detail Description:

This pair of landscapes were traditionally thought to be the work of Louis-Gabriel Moreau the Elder, but can now be firmly attributed to Nicolas-Antoine Taunay – and to him alone, with no assistance from Moreau. The two artists did work together frequently, but to date only their gouache paintings have come to light, and in these Moreau was responsible for the landscape, while the figures, or ‘staffage’, are Taunay’s. It appears that Moreau was aware of his shortcomings as a figure painter (since they are always too elongated) and therefore entrusted their execution to Taunay, to Jean-Demosthène Dugourc, to his brother Jean-Michel Moreau the Younger and to various other artists.


Private Collection, France

Nicolas-Antoine Taunay