Charles-Henri Contencin ( 1898 - 1955 )

The Glacier du Géant, Chamonix, France.

The Glacier du Géant, Chamonix, France.

oil on board
7 ¾ x 10 ¾ in. (18 x 27 cm.)

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This oil study showing the junction of the Géant and Tacul glaciers, is a free copy after a Gabriel Loppé painting, dated August 1881 (see ill.) Loppé’s Glacier du Géant now belongs to the Amis du Vieux Chamonix but was most likely on permanent display in the Musée Loppé when Contencin used to visit Chamonix. To our knowledge, this is the first Contencin after a Loppé or, indeed, any other artist has appeared to date. As an exercise in painting, Contencin’s homage is most successful; no attempt is made to put in details but its liveliness comes from the broad impastoed brushstrokes. It is a rapid sketch but done, surely, in reverence to Contencin’s mentor.

Charles-Henri Contencin