James Hart Dyke ( b.1966 )

Parallel lines, Torres Del Paine 2018

Parallel lines, Torres Del Paine 2018

oil on gesso on panel
30 x 60 cm.

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James Hart Dyke ( b.1966 )

James Hart Dyke’s work is centred on landscape painting, from the domesticity of paintings of country houses to paintings generated from physically demanding expeditions over remote mountains. James has also undertaken a series of projects including accompanying HRH The Prince of Wales as the official artist on royal tours, working as ‘artist in residence’ for The British Secret Intelligence Service, working as an artist embedded with the British Forces in war zones, working for the producers of the James Bond films and working as ‘artist in residence’ for Aston Martin. These projects required him to respond in many different ways and have allowed him to experiment with more graphic forms of painting influenced by his studies as an architect at the Royal College of Art. His portraits have been shown at the National Portrait Gallery and at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibitions.

29th November - 20th December 2018
James Hart Dyke’s forthcoming exhibition PATAGONIA, will be on show at our gallery this December. Following the success of Whymper's Mountains in 2015 Hart Dyke has undertaken another intrepid expedition. In December last year he travelled to South America with a friend and patron to explore and paint the remote and inaccessible splendours of Patagonia. This expedition is the latest in the series of gruelling pilgrimages that Hart Dyke has made to paint high altitude scenery from the Himalayas to the Atlas Mountains.

The beautiful and unforgiving landscape of Patagonia is a continuation of James' exploration of mountain painting, and despite the distinct character of each new mountain range he visits, the interplay between the 'realism' of the seen landscape and the abstract design of the brushwork remain the central theme of his work.

As is usual with James' working practice the exhibition will include both smaller studies done in situ and larger paintings worked up in the studio upon his return. We look forward to sharing these stunning views of one of the world's last great wildernesses by the foremost landscape painter of his generation.

All paintings in the PATAGONIA exhibition shown on this page are available for purchase. Click on the images below to see cataloguing and prices.

James Hart Dyke