Hart Dyke's ability to capture the essence of the landscape and the fleeting effects of light and colour place him firmly among the best of the British school of ‘plein air’ painters.’

The Art Newspaper. International Edition 2004
This exhibition, Landscapes, will allay the fears of Hart Dyke's loyal followers that he has become distracted in the aftermath of the MI6 project. It reminds us that he remains at heart a dedicated painter of landscapes, and there are references in many of the pictures to the extensive travelling that has enabled him to train his eye and which has helped his work evolve into maturity. In the last decade Hart Dyke's gruelling trips at altitude in the Himalayas, in the Atlas Mountains and to active war zones have been complemented by the other extreme of travelling overseas in the retinue of HRH The Prince of Wales. It is fitting, too, that James should exhibit with us, as he represents a direct continuation of the tradition of the intrepid painter-mountaineers of old, whose work is seen in our firm's annual Peaks and Glaciers exhibition of Alpine paintings. www.jameshartdyke.com